About Glass Animals


Glass Animals (ABN 44 506 342 514) is an Australian wholesaler working with our dedicated Thailand operation. Our glass animal art is hand made by selected and skillful ‘cottage art’ glass blowers.

Quality, quality, quality. We insist all sculptures are made using our high grade borosilicate glass, and all figurines are carefully quality checked after receipt from our independent artists, before being properly finished and packed in our dedicated Thailand facility.

Lampworking and Annealing


To produce the figurines, our highly skilled artists work the glass rod in a gas flame to create their distinctive pieces of animal art. They shape the heat softened glass into the desired animal form using many different techniques such as applying additional glass, twisting, folding, blowing, squashing, cutting etc. (lampworking).


Internal stresses develop during lampworking when the figurine is ‘worked’. Repeated heating and cooling occurs whilst attaching and shaping different parts of the animal. Typically the air exposed outer surfaces cool and stiffen faster than the inner glass, and stresses develop at leg joins etc. Untreated or poorly treated glass figurines with internal stresses are generally quite fragile. We eliminate this through annealing, and our finished figurines can be likened to tough cold-drink or jam-jar bottles.


These internal stresses are released by slowly reheating the figurine using carefully calculated temperature schedules in our specialized kilns. The majority of the stresses diffuse out naturally within the heat softened glass. The kiln temperature is then gradually lowered, maintaining uniform temperatures. As the glass cools uniformly with the kiln temperature, no new stresses are built up and the treated glass figurine is said to be ‘annealed’ and can easily withstand normal glass handling.



Most all our figurines are thinly tipped with real gold (22k), which is baked on in our kilns, leaving the gold layer permanently bonded onto the glass. This fused real gold coating will not fade or tarnish.

During annealing and gilding we focus on ‘state of the art’ supplies, techniques and equipment, including microprocessor programmed kilns to consistently and repeatedly achieve our high quality product. This strong quality control equates to a good product and to long term happy customers.



Each figurine is packed in an appealing, secure and lightweight window box for standard busy shop shelving. Additionally we attach a unique client namedrop to the front of each box. This logo / namedrop is attached using client specified artwork printed in full color onto a clear laser sticker, which is stuck to the box before dispatch. All costs are included in our standard low pricing.

The boxes are additionally well labeled and barcoded for quick & easy point of sale scanning.

Easy ordering

We wholesale these sea and wildlife souvenirs to our niche market of Zoo, Aquarium and travel destination outlets. There are no specified minimums, with any client selection of required figurines, and choice of quantity within each selection (no pre-specified multiples). Prearranged and verified wholesale clients who have provided their GST certificates are given a standard 30 credit account.

Cleaning and care

As with most glass, high quality lamp worked glass can be simply cleaned by rinsing it in warm water.

Glass Animals motto

Our motto at Glass Animals is ‘Happy customers lead to repeat sales’. To achieve this we constantly strive to maintain consistent and quality hand crafted product, to holding our price low, and to providing superior service. We truly believe repeat sales from satisfied clients are┬áthe cornerstone of our success.